We help emerging technology companies grow through numbers. 

Your priorities

You know about innovation.

You know about your products.

You know how to market.

But do you know about cash flows? How to evaluate your runway? How to raise capital and secure credit? Do you need help presenting to investors to raise the capital you need to take your business to the next level?


While serving emerging companies at a global accounting firm, we realized that the technology space was an under-served market: entrepreneurs had the technology skills and strategic vision, but needed true accounting and financial capabilities to realize those goals.

We have served a variety of companies from start-ups to multi-billion dollars in revenue. PJ Tech delivers big-name client expertise with a small-firm customer attention to the ever-transforming emerging technology market.

our commitment to you

We will work to understand your needs, identify opportunities, and serve as your guiding light to growth. With our focus on client success, you can be confident that our accounting and financial advisory services will ensure your numbers are on track to support that next big breakthrough.

From simple bookkeeping to preparing for your exit, we have got you covered.

We take emerging technology companies to the next level.